cardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer

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Fitshop Expert Review
Smoothness of Rotation
cardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer

cardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer

Award-Winning Cross Trainer with Intuitive Touchscreen Console
  • Unique and universal Smoothly adjustable stride length for every body size
  • New standards in ergonomics and comfort Elliptical movement and multi-grip bars for a unique training experience
cardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer Awardscardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer Awardscardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer Awardscardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer Awardscardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer Awardscardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer Awards
cardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer Maximum Comfort, Minimal Burden on the Joints

Maximum Comfort, Minimal Burden on the Joints

The EX90 Touch offers you a highly effective full-body workout with excellent ergonomics. With the EX90 Touch's multi-grip bars, you can adopt different hand positions during your workout, so you can choose whichever is most comfortable for you. Adopting different grip positions can also bring more variety to your workout. The short distance between the cushioned foot plates and high-quality ball bearings gives the EX90 Touch excellent concentricity and extremely joint-friendly, elliptical movement.
cardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer Award-winning Quality, Space-Saving Design

Award-winning Quality, Space-Saving Design

The EX90 Touch has been awarded many prizes by experts and renowned institutes for its excellent stability, silent mechanics, operation and functionality, and its space-saving design. At just 145 cm x 87.5 cm, the EX90 Touch fits into any home and is one of the most compact cross trainers on the market. The highlight: a particularly long stride length, which is achieved through the intelligent construction of freely-swinging foot plates.
cardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer Adapts perfectly to Your Needs

Adapts perfectly to Your Needs

With the innovative, smoothly-adjustable 45 cm to 65 cm stride length, you can run however you want! To simulate a slower jog, simply choose a shorter stride length. At maximum stride length, your cross trainer workout will quickly become a sprint workout. Thanks to this versatility, the EX90 Touch can easily be used by exercisers of all heights – the perfect fitness device for families and multi-person households.
cardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer 10.1 inch Interactive Touchscreen Console

10.1 inch Interactive Touchscreen Console

With the EX90 Touch's innovative colour touchscreen, confused clicking through training programmes and menus are a thing of the past. Thanks to the intuitive operation and comfortable touch function, you can easily control your workout and always have an insight into your performance data, such as calorie consumption, heart rate and much more. Pre-installed apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and the popular training app, Kinomap, provide special entertainment during your workout.

  • The best cardiostrong Crosstrainer that ever was: outstanding stability | un-fixed stride length | 10.1 inch touchscreen console
  • 10.1 inch touchscreen console with Netflix, youtube, Spotify, Kinomap, chrome and iRoute
  • Crosstrainer with an un-fixed adjustable stride length between 45 and 65cm
  • Suitable for large and small users – ideal for families, shared apartment or for semi-professional use
  • Different stride lengths simulate different movements: from stepping to sprints
  • Large, suspended cushion-pad pedals
  • Black mteal frame: smart look and very stable
  • Advanced joint construction giving excellent movement quality
  • Clear and easy to use touchscreen console
  • Fine increments in the stride length with easy to reach hot keys
  • 69 training programmes in total:
    • 60 predefined programmes
    • 4 heart rate programmes: 55 % | 75 % | 90 % of maximum heart rate or freely selectable target heart rate
    • 3 manual target programmes: time | distance | calories (values count down until target is reached)
    • 1 constant watt programme (resistance level is changed depending on cadence to maintain the selected resistance power)
    • 1 quick-start programme (all values count up)
    • Kinomap (pre-installed) provides additional training options
  • iRoute app: set a start and end point on the map, the app calculates the route and you can run on your favourite route
  • Kinomap app: over 130.000km recorded videos – incl. the real altitude profile, online competitions, best lists and continually added functions
  • Certified for semi-professional use, for example, in hotels, praxises, companies or clubs
  • Max. user weight: 150 kg
  • Dimensions set-up - cardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer: (L) 145 cm x (W) 88 cm x (H) 165 cm
  • Technical information:
    • Braking system: electronically adjustable magnetic brake
    • Output: 30 - 400 W (adjustable in increments starting from 5 Watt)
    • RPM-independent resistance control
    • Balance mass according to the standard of Fitshop: 12 kg

      When you compare the products, please mind that some manufacturers define differently the balance mass of their crosstrainers. Therefore, the indications can vary among each other. Besides the weights of flywheel, pulley, and caryying wheel respectively cross and blank discs (levelling discs), the indications of balance mass of some manufacturers consider additionally the weights of pedal arms, handle bars, and other parts. This is dubious in our opinion. We define the balance mass as "total weight of flywheel, pulley, carrying wheel respectively cross and blanc discs", which form the rear balance unit.

      Balance mass according to the manufacturer: 0 kg
      Balance mass according to the standard of Fitshop: 12 kg, of it
      • Flywheel: 12 kg
      • Pulley: Not specified by the manufacturer
      • Carrying wheel: Not specified by the manufacturer
      • Cross joint and round blank: Not specified by the manufacturer
      Aspects which are not included in valuation according to the standard of Tiedje:
      • Grip bars (R+L): Not specified by the manufacturer
      • Pedal arm (R+L): Not specified by the manufacturer
      • Other parts: Not specified by the manufacturer

    • Stride length: 45 - 65 cm
    • Stride width: 11 cm
    • ball-bearing mounted joints
  • Computer:
    • Resistance levels: 16
    • Display: duration, distance, speed, watts, RPM, calories, heart rate
    • Exercise programs in total: 69, of which heart rate controlled: 4
    • User memory: 4
  • Features:
    • Heart rate measurement: hand pulse sensors + chest strap (sold separately)
    • Chest strap for telemetric heart rate measurement sold separately
    • Power supply: mains adaptor
    • Extras: transport wheels, drinking bottle holder
  • An elliptical crosstrainer with a joint-gentle, elliptical movement

cardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer – Awarded by experts

The list of awards the cardiostrong EX90 Touch has received for its outstanding quality and unique innovations reads almost as long as the list of unique benefits it offers you for a comfortable and versatile full-body workout.

At the renowned Plus X Award (04/2016) show for innovation, the EX90 Touch received an award in the categories of Design, Ease of Use, Functionality and High Quality, as well as for Best Product. At the ISPO fitness trade fair in 2017, it received the coveted Gold Award, among others, for its high quality, and innovative and compact design. The EX90 Touch also impressed the trade press. In August 2015, ETM magazine judged it as "very good" in the cross trainer category from 2500 to 3500 euros. Its universal usability through the smoothly variable stride length was particularly emphasised here.

Unique in Function, Comfort and Quality

The EX90 Touch's smooth stride length adjustment guarantees you not only exceptional training quality, but also training variety, as you can switch between different running styles at the push of a button – from stepping exercises to running. Depending on the type of movement, this also uses different muscle groups, making your training sessions with the EX90 Touch even more comprehensive and effective. Another big advantage of the adjustable stride length feature: the training session can be easily adapted to the different body sizes of each user, making it ideal for families and households with several people. The ergonomically designed multi-grips also allow you to adopt many different grip positions, which also benefits users of different sizes and further increases comfort on the EX90 Touch.

The EX90 Touch's solid black metal frame not only gives it maximum stability and durability even during regular and intensive training, but also an elegant, attractive appearance. Due to its excellent stability, the EX90 Touch is also certified for semi-professional use, e.g. in hotels, clinics, companies and clubs. Despite its heavy weight, you can easily move the cardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer to your desired location, thanks to its castors and favourably located centre of gravity. The two cushioned foot plates are only 11 cm apart, which guarantees pleasant and authentic running and walking movement.

EX90 Touchscreen Console: pre-installed training fun

The EX90 Touch Cross Trainer features a 10.1-inch touchscreen display. This can be connected to the Internet via WiFi. For example, you can surf the Internet or use one of the pre-installed apps during your training session. The following are available on the system: YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, the Chrome browser, iRoute and Kinomap. In all circumstances, you are sure to be entertained during your workout.

With the touchscreen, all programmes and parameters such as speed and resistance can be selected quickly and easily. Up to four users can save their data, so this does not have to be re-entered every time you want to train. The cardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer offers 12 pre-defined programmes as well as the possibility of controlling the training session with your heart rate, thereby making it even more efficient. Characterised by its modern, colour design, the touch display shows you all the relevant performance data that you need for a long workout.

cardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer Awardscardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer Awardscardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer Awardscardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer Awardscardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer Awardscardiostrong EX90 Touch Cross Trainer Awards

Manual cardiostrong-EX90-PLUS-T

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.

Manufacturer's warranty Full warranty
Home use 24 months
Semiprofessional use 12 months

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Fitshop Expert Review
Smoothness of Rotation

Ex90 seit 2018 immer noch top
2 persons found this review helpful
Hallo, Das Gerät ist seit 2018 im Betrieb. Ich bin ein großer Mensch 2,05 m und nicht gerad leicht. Ich bin mit dem Cardio Strong immer noch sehr zufrieden quietscht ein bisschen, aber alle Funktionen, die man Brauch sind immer noch verfügbar. Vor allem die Variabilität für große und kleinere Menschen ist sehr hervorzuheben.
0 persons found this review helpful
Bei der Bestellung wurde ohne Garantie aufgenommen, dass ich alle Lebe und bei der Lieferung auf keinen Fall zuhause sein werde, auch kein Nachbar. Da das Paket nicht witterungsbeständig geliefert wird konnte ich ohne Probleme mit Dachser vereinbaren, dass es IN meiner Garage abgestellt wird. 100 Punkte da alles zufriedenstellend ohne großen Aufwand geklappt hat. Danke dafür
Großartiges Gerät
2 persons found this review helpful
Sensationelle Ausführung - sehr hochwertig! Gerät macht echt Spaß!
Cardiostrong Crosstrainer EX90 Touch ist empfehlenswert
5 persons found this review helpful
Wir haben uns den cardiostrong Crosstrainer EX90 Touch samt Kinomap zugelegt. Bestellvorgang und Anlieferung des Gerätes funktionierten reibungslos und zeitig. Den Aufbau des Geräts haben wir selbst vorgenommen und das hat auch gut funktioniert. Das Gerät ist wertig und stabil, auch bei einem Körpergewicht >100 kg. Der Bewegungsablauf ist rund und überzeugt. Das Touch-Pad funktioniert wie es soll und die Kinomap-App sorgt für schöne Abwechslung und extra Motivation bei den Challenges. Wir können das Gerät vollstens empfehlen.... [Read more]
1 person found this review helpful
Super cardiostrong Crosstrainer EX90 PLUS. Sehr freundliches Personal. Sehr Hilfsbereit.
1 person found this review helpful
Sehr Stabile Ausführung, das zur Zeit beste auf dem Markt.
Ergometer BX30
2 persons found this review helpful
Kann bisher nur über den Kundendienst, die Montage und 3 Trainingsrunden berichten, doch das reicht, um das Unternehmen aus der Masse herausragen zu lassen. - Der Kundendienst reagiert sofort, gezielt und effektiv - Die Aufbauanleitung lässt keine Wünsche offen - Die bisherigen Trainingserfahrungen sind wohl am besten mit "begeisternd" zu beschreiben Ich würde zusammenfassen: sehr empfehlenswert
Hochwertig verarbeiteter Crosstrainer
6 persons found this review helpful
Wir haben den Crosstrainer nun seit zwei Wochen im Einsatz und können bisher ausschließlich positives berichten. Die Lieferung erfolgte in einem grossen Karton. Wir haben uns für die Variante Lieferung bis Bordsteinkante mit Selbstaufbau entschieden und diese Entscheidung keinesfalls bereut. Dadurch haben wir viele hundert Euro gespaart. Da wir im 2. OG einer Mietwohnung wohnen erfordert es aber unbedingt 2 starke Personen um das Hauptteil hochzutragen da dieses dem Gewicht einer Waschmaschine entspricht. Es lässt sich aber wesentlich besser anpacken als eine Waschmaschine. Der Aufbau lässt sich mit mässig handwerklichem Geschick bewerkstelligen und wird mit ca. 90min angegeben. Die Verarbeitung des Crosstrainers ist sehr hochwertig uns sieht toll aus. Die Laufruhe ist phänomenal und war zusammen mit der vergleisweise hohen Kompaktheit die Hauptgründe für die Wahl auf diesen Crosstrainer. Da wir wie bereits erwähnt in einem Mietshaus wohnen ist es uns wichtig zu jeder Tageszeit trainieren zu können ohne das Gefühl zu haben man könnte jemanden stören. Die Highlights neben der Laufruhe und Kompaktheit sind die elektronische Schrittweitenverstellung und die App Kinomap mit einer riesigen Auswahl an weltweiten Strecken. Bisher sind wir von diesem tollen Sportgerät restlos begeistert und hoffen dass dies auch weiterhin so bleibt.... [Read more]
Crosstrainer EX90 Plus
1 person found this review helpful
Das Gerät gefällt uns richtig gut. Es ist nicht so wahnsinnig groß, sodass es problemlos im Wohnzimmer stehen kann. Dies hat den Vorteil, dass man es öfter benutzt als wenn es im kalten Keller stehen würde. Durch die Einstellung der verschiedenen Schrittlängen, ist die Nutzung unterschiedlich großer Personen überhaupt kein Problem. Ein perfektes Gerät für zuhause.
0 persons found this review helpful
Sehr gutes Fitnessgeräte. Kann optimal auf jede Person im Haushalt abgestimmt werden. Macht Spaß

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