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Train your abdominal muscles with an abs trainer: it's good for health and appearance
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Ab machine - for strong abdominal muscles

Well-exercised abdominal muscles is worthwhile for many people. For a good reason. Exercised abs are not only attractive but improve posture as well. Abdominal muscles belong to the trunk muscles and have a posture-stabilizing effect.

Well-exercised abs are important for health and a positive sense of life. You should use an ab machine for exercising to increase the effectivity of your abdominal muscle training, to increase the motivation, and to see quicker success. Ab machines help to do correctly the exercises as well as more successful and healthier.

Which ab machine is the right one for me?

Choosing the right ab machine depends upon some factors - your training level, training intensity and frequency, your ambitions as well as space and money. When you travel a lot, a small, transportable ab machine is recommended like the Taurus Wheel Exerciser. If you equip a gym, you are well advised with the Dip-Station Hoist Fitness Tree.

Ab machines differ in equipment, movement, ergonomics, workmanship, and stability. Furthermore, there are also combined ab machines to exercise back muscles as well. In order to make the overview easier for you, we have compiled some recommendations for you.

Ab machine tips for starters and occasional training:

Ab machine Powershaper: The Powershaper is a solid ab machine with integrated training computer, which displays time, number of exercises or energy consumption. Price-performance tip !

Men's Health ab machine PowerTools AB-QUEST: The AB-QUEST ab machine is characterized by a very sturdy frame construction. The nonslip profile avoids slipping off of the ab machine on almost any floor.

Ab machine recommendation for advanced users:

Fitshop ab machine and weight bench: The very sturdy weight bench of Fitshop can be excellently used as ab machine thanks to leg upholsteries and negative adjustability of the rest.

Kettler back and ab machine Vario: The Vario of Kettler combines a back with an ab machine. The adjustable upholstery can even be used as curlpult for weight training.

Men's Health ab machine PowerTools AB-TRAX: Striking design, great training results. Straight as well as oblique abdominal muscles are effectively exercised with the Men's Health ab machine PowerTools AB-TRAX !

The ab machine recommendation in top class, suitable as ab machine at gym and at home:

Hoist ab machine AB Bench: This ab bench for professional use impresses by its design, varied adjustment possibilities, and enormous stability. The ab machine can be loaded up to 450 kg !
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