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The modern Light therapy is a tested and accepted method of treatment in dermatology for different indications.

The human begin is supplied with light, warmth and energy from the sun and has discovered its healing power a long time ago. The effects of light are manifold: (sun) light influences the control of the body, central nervous system and the hormone balance with regards to the time of day. Furthermore, it influences our fitness and concentration. Many more essential processes as i.e. sleep, digestions, metabolism, etc. depend upon it.

We blossom out when the sun is shining ! The skin is the surface-largest organ of our body and has many functions. It covers elastically our organic inner world and protects it against the outer world. The skin is a sense organ, contributes to the temperature regulation, is part of the immune system and designs our appearance. It responds to smallest changes of the whole organism (hormonal influences) or the environment (i.e. stress).

The skin is the mirror of our soul - a set phrase that is full of truth ! Discover our light therapie - products and benefit from the artificial use of the healing power of sun beams.
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